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Auto Loans Click here for application

Our Auto Loans operate as installment loans where the borrower pays us back in a fixed installment or payments over a specific term as opposed to revolving credit where the payments change with the balance. 

Installment loans can also be used on recreational vehicles, boats and Home Improvement Loans featured below.

Agricultural Loans - Stop in to Apply!

We come from farming and understand the needs of our local farmers.  Our convenient agriculture loans or farm loans will finance all facets of the farming business including production, machinery and equipment, farmland and livestock.  We offer loans for the smaller family-sized farms as well as the large farming operation. 

Whether you are expanding your current operation, making long-term improvements or buying a new farm, we can help!

Commercial Loans - Click here for application

Our local businesses are the life-blood of our community.  At Cedar Valley Bank & Trust, we understand the needs of our business owners and consider it not only our job, but our civic duty to do everything we can to finance our local businesses.  We provide commercial loans or business loans that include equipment, expansion, inventory, operating and commercial real estate with competitive interest rates.

Cedar Valley Bank & Trust has specialized commercial loan associates ready to help you explore your options in commercial financing.  Contact us today!

Home Improvement Loans - Click here for application

For home improvements like that new addition or a garage expansion, we use installment loans, open-ended or closed-ended lines of credits with home equity, depending on your needs.  An open-end line of credit provides you with a revolving line of credit using your home equity and can be used for multiple purposes while a closed-end line of credit requires you to define a specific amount and use.

Contact us for help on getting approved for the amount you need at an interest rate that works for you!

Real Estate Loans - Click here for application

There are many options when it comes to real estate loans or home mortgage loans and each is designed to cover a specific loan amount, interest rate, income, credit or home category.  At Cedar Valley Bank & Trust, the real estate loans we most commonly provide are residential, construction and agricultural real estate loans. 

Popular residential loans are purchase, refinance and home equity loans.  Construction loans are simply any loan that finances a construction project, but can contain many different features and agricultural real estate loans are exactly that – a farm real estate loan.

Work with Cedar Valley Bank & Trust to learn more about each loan and determine which one fits your situation best!


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