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Fees and Services

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Account Balancing Assistance $25.00 per hour
(min $25.00)
Account Closed within 180 days $10.00
Account History $1.00
Account Statement Copy $5.00 per statement
Account Research $25.00 per hour

ATM/Debit Card Annual Fee

ATM/Debit Card Lost Replacement Fee



ATM/Debit Card Rush Order

ATM-Foreign ATM Charge


$.50 per transaction

Debit Card Foreign ATM Charge $.25 per transaction
Cancelled Check Copy (Truncated accts) $1.00 per check

Cashier's Check/Bank Draft

Collection Item Fee


$25.00 per check

Check cashing (Non Customer) $5.00 per check
Copy research items $2.00 each

Deposit Zip Non-Locking Bag

Deposit Zip Locking Bag

$5.00 each

$20.00 each

Dormant Account Fee*

(no deposit or w/d in last 2 years)

$5.00 per month



No Charge

$1.00 per page

Foriegn check processing. $5.00 per check
Garnishments and Levies $50.00
Internet Banking No charge

IRA Transfer Fee

Overdraft Fees**      $25.00 per item until 1-1-17


$29.00 per item (not to exceed $200 per day - Effective 1-1-17)

Return Item Fee**    $25.00 per item until 1-1-17


Notary Service (Non-Customer)

$29.00 per item (not to exceed $200 per day - Effective 1-1-17)


Photo Copy

$.25 per copy

Safe Deposit Box

Safe Deposit Box lost key (1 key avail)

Safe Deposit Box Drilling

Safe Deposit Box Late Payment

(more than 30 days past due)

fees varies by box size




Signature Guarantee (non-customer) $5.00

Stop Payment Charge*

Travel Money Card

Travel Money Card Reload

$25.00 per request



Wire Transfer Incoming

Wire Transfer Outgoing




*An account is considered dormant if for two years no withdrawals or deposits other than credited interest have been made to the account.

**The categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those by any of the following means; check, in-person, withdrawal or other electronic means.

Service charges relating to a checking account are subject to Iowa State Sales Tax.